Raspberry Pie

Raspberry Pie - Easy to make raspberry pie can be made with either fresh or frozen raspberries. This is the perfect dessert - tart, sweet, perfect raspberry pie!

It’s time for pie!  Raspberry pie to be exact.

Have you ever had raspberry pie?  I hadn’t until a couple years after I got married.  I’ve picked raspberries pretty much every summer as long as I can remember.  My grandma had an enormous garden when I was growing up, so we would go pick as many raspberries as we could most years.

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Perfect Pastry - This is the perfect pastry you've been looking for. Everyone needs a go to pastry recipe, this is mine! Perfect, easy, flaky pastry.

Perfect Pastry

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pastry recipe forever.  And I've tried plenty of them. Some used all shortening, some used all butter.  Some wouldn't crisp up on the bottom, they would just stay soggy, some weren't flaky.  Neither of those things appeal to me. What does appeal to me, ... read more